Hello everyone. As I’m sure you probably noticed, the comments section has mysteriously dissapeared. I’d like to take a moment to talk about why.

As the comic has gained momentum, more and more people have been commenting and discussing the ongoing story beats. Which is great! I feel so lucky that my comic has reached a point where people seem so invested in the “lore” that they’ll have discussions about it.

However; the more comments the comic starts the get, the more time I have to spend moderating them. After all, I am just one person running this whole operation, and I draw really slow… I only got so much time to devote to such things! And I know, the first rule of doing anything on the internet for content creators is to “ignore the comments”. I get that, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I always end up reading every single one, and sometimes, they really stress me out.

There are plenty of people with opposing viewpoints in the world, and while I’m not trying to censor anyone, sometimes people say stuff that I don’t… really want associated with the comic. And what do I do? Do I leave it be? Do I say something? Even if I don’t say or do anything, sometimes someone else will. Fights have broken out because of problematic comments that I could have done something about. But when I saw them, instead I would say “I disagree but I don’t think I have the right to censor this”.

I’ve never moderated anything before, is there some kind of manual? Perhaps I’m making mountains out of molehills, that I might think readers are going to base their opinions on a single, questionable comment.

I had a very bad interaction with a reader the other day who, over the course of several years, had made multiple sexual comments about Neil (who is underage). I eventually ended up banning them from commenting on the website, citing these comments as the reason why. This was apparently a bad move on my part, and led to them sending a lot of insults my way via email. That was sort of the turning point for me, of realizing “I just can’t do this anymore”.

So that’s what it boils down to. In the end, it isn’t to any fault of the majority of my readers. I feel nothing but thankfulness for all the people who read, support, comment, AND critique my work. No, I think the real issue is me. I’m just not capable of detaching myself from the discussion, and that has caused me… A lot of grief. I’m currently looking into ways to create a separate space for discussion of the comic. I don’t want to stop the conversation, but I do need to keep it further removed from me.

I apologize for my weakness, and hope that this decision will not sour your view of the content I create. I have left the comments section on this one post open so that you may let me know how you feel about this change.