1. So… just going to go out on a limb here and assume that the cover story for that overload was that it was some sort of nuclear meltdown. Or it happened long before nuclear energy was a thing and there wasn’t a need for a cover story.

    • Nah, mate. There have been so many natural disasters throughout history that writers use to their advantage, it’s so easy to turn them into ‘natural’ disasters in writing because nobody knows exactly what happened and/or cares enough to find out.

  2. Hell of a self-destruct button though if you want to go out with a Bang.

    *pictures a 90-something magical girl ‘Put ME in a home will you?!’ *BOOOOM!*

  3. I just noticed how the cracks in the body and the energies crackling out of it blend together visually. Cool aesthetic!

  4. The next day after that explosion it starts heavily raining and bam. You’ve just won a brand new lake. (In a game show host voice)

  5. gotta admit, the magical girl featured on this page is really creepy to look at. well done for sure but still creepy. it’s actually down right terrifying for my, because i haven’t slept in a while and eveytime i take my eyes off it to read, it looks like it moves ever so slightly.

  6. So uh… why not build it to contain the person’s maximum possible magical energy and just scale down when they don’t have that much yet?