1. Thoroughly enjoying this. … And if you’re a boy, your divine body will likely be a complete surprise

  2. Wait, does this mean if you killed every one else in your generation (Family wise) you would 100% become the magical girl?

      • That would make sense, but how much you wanna bet theres going to be an evil magical girl that got her powers in that exact manner?

  3. so the divine body is for defeating oni and possibly other general nasty critters and to protect the ones that you love, huh? well does that mean that neil can get ‘power of love boosts’? or did i just entirely miss something while reading?

  4. Anyone else wondering in light of this info why Noriko had a feeling about her son inheriting the power? Especially given that he is only half-Japanese? I have a theory but even if it turns out to be true it is half baked at best.