Meanwhile #2

Ahh yes. This girl. If you’ve been reading MGN for any extended period of time you may recognize her from other filler comics. Why does she keep popping up? Well, she’s actually another main member of the cast, and one of my personal favorite characters! Unfortunately, it didn’t really make sense for her to be at the school at this time, so she has yet to be introduced. Those of you who follow my Deviantart or the MGN Tumblr may already have an inkling of how she is connected to the other kids, due some fairly spoilerish art I’ve drawn. So… whenever there is a chance, I like to kind of squeeze her in over here, despite her not actually having shown up in the main story. Because she is adorable, and I am impatient.

This guest comic was also drawn by Freeglass! Make sure to give him some love by checking out his Tumblr  and the webcomic he does the inks for, Blaster Nation!

Tragically, this is the last of the guest comics I have lined up. My original intent was to take a week off of updates in order to rebuild my buffer and give myself some breathing room with my comic pages. It wasn’t a vacation, rather a time where I could attempt to catch up so that each and every page wasn’t a mad dash to the finish for each update. Unfortunately, things have not exactly gone according to plan… Yesterday, I suddenly suffered from what I can only describe as some kind of nervous breakdown. One minute I was drawing, and was fine, and the next I was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. I thought maybe I was just tired? So I went to bed, but when I attempted to pick back up where I left off today, the exact same thing happened. I can’t make anything I draw look right, not even the most basic poses with the most familiar of characters. I spent SEVEN HOURS today trying to draw a single comic panel, and couldn’t even make it halfway through, no matter how hard I tried.

To be fair, my friends have been telling me for quite some time now that I’ve been pushing myself too hard, working too much, and for too long. I always kind of just laughed and shrugged it off, because I mean, I’ve been enjoying myself, and enjoying drawing. If I lost a couple of hours of sleep here or there, it always felt like it was worth it you know? I guess I’ve just discovered where my limit is, with rather a little too late to keep from surpassing it.

As such, I’m afraid to say that it looks like I’m going to have to take another week off MGN. But this time, a PROPER week off. Only drawing if I feel like it, and *shudder* relaxing. I’ll still manage to post updates on Wednesday and Sunday, and if I do end up feeling like it I may be able to get an actual page by Wednesday after all, but as to that, I can’t make any promises. I’ve really grown to despise taking breaks from working on this, and ESPECIALLY to extending said breaks, but in this case, attempting to force progress will do more harm than good. My nerves are OBVIOUSLY too fragile to continue, so I’m just gonna have to sit here an coddle them until they feel ready to let me get on with my life.

Sorry to do this you guys. Your readership means the world to me and I hate to break the flow of the chapter right as we’re hitting the climax. I’d say I’ll work as hard as I can to get better, but in this case I think that would be counter-intuitive.

  1. It’s time for a dandelion break. Pack a picnic and go out into the Big Blue Room and relax for a bit. Look at a horizon further away than your living room wall for a change. Get some natural Vitamin D and maybe read a good book. Your neural circuits need to clear and recharge.

  2. Definitely take a break! And don’t feel bad about it. You have been working super hard on this and it’s taking its toll. I’d rather have updates in a week from a happy, well-rested you, than have updates you’ve forced out of yourself when you clearly need rest.

    As a side note, this character is adorable. I cannot wait for her to show up properly (and I am totally not biased. LoL)

  3. Go to sleep on the nearest quiet beach after applying copious suntan lotion. Going to sleep and waking up in a different location allows for deepest sleep as the little usual tics and cues that would wake you up at home aren’t present. And hey, free tan.

  4. I’ve got more practice in this area than I ever wanted to have. Single biggest limiting factor in my creative output is flashbacks from multiple PTSD triggers. Push too hard and the mind just does not appreciate it and we pay a price. The best suggestion I have for you is spend 2-3 days (more and I feel even more guilty later) doing something that is enjoyable, requires little brain function, and tell yourself before you start this mini vacation, “this is for me, I will not feel guilty for it, I’m turning all thought of more demanding things OFF so I can heal, recharge, and be human again.”

    Other than that? *fierce hugs* Right now sucks, but it will pass in time. Let that time happen. You are more important than anyone whose feelings might get hurt about what you haven’t done for THEM.

  5. That exact same kind of break down happened to me at the end of last school year. In the middle of class, I was working as I always would, when I just shut down. Sobbing and shaking, barely able to form a coherent thought or sentence. Last year I was usually working through my lunch to finish my work in art class (I’m quite slow when it comes to that), and I would be so tired afterwards, but I still went on doing my best in each class, which some could say paid off as I got A’s in each subject, but that breakdown was freaking embarrassing.

    I hope your week off has been going well, Satellite.