Magical Girl Neil Chapter Two!

Alright everyone, this is gonna be the last comic for a while. Sorry about that! Hopefully it gets you all geared up for the start of chapter two… Finally.

Also, the Patreon Campaign is live!… again. Feel free to wait on supporting until I start back up with updates again, but hey, just letting you know it’s there!

Alright, see you’s guys later.

    • I’m surprised it doesn’t have wings, but that’s just showing my age. And love of old screensavers. 😉

  1. May I respectfully ask how many (unit of time)s are in “a while”? Are we talking weeks? Months? Thanks.

    • I wish I had specifics, but it really all depends on when I can… stop being homeless. I’m trying to get work done on it at the moment, but having a place to live with a workstation will definitely speed things up a bit!

    • They are Sophmores! Though at the current time in the story, they are heading towards the summer, so that will end up changing at some point!

    • I wish to make it very clear that, besides your classic Magical Girl moments (Transformations and/or dream sequences, in which everything will be covered) there will be absolutely NO nudity in Magical Girl Neil. Not only are these characters teenagers, but most of them would not appreciate being shown in the buff.

        • He was yes. However; as I mentioned before, I would classify this under the “silhouetted transformation” trope. I would like to keep this comic on the safe for work side, being myself not a huge fan of the oversexualization of both the Magical Girl and Gender Bender genres. Basically, while there are some tropes I feel I’d like to cover, I’ll be trying to keep away from the more risque scenes I’m coming to realize that people are expecting to see.

      • You know, usually, teenagers are EXACTLY the type of people who get naked often. Or at least more often that they parent would like to.