Magical Girl Neil Chapter One 50

I should probably figure out how do get stuff done in the chapters in fewer pages because like… Page fifty.


  1. Do not be concerned about how long it takes to get to a point in a chapter. Another comic I read is on Episode 1 – Page 275. Hopefully the end is in sight. Maybe.

    Hmm. Last time he was on a plant, so maybe they moved him to the bricks outside of it. Seems unwise, as that may have woken him up.

    Then again, it got him out of the plants, which may be a really good thing.

    • Another comic I read is on Episode 1 – Page 275
      I’m pretty sure the artist has no intention of taking that one into Episode 2. Another one, up to 230 pages on a chapter that’s been going for 3 1/2 years, is starting to get on my wick. 50-ish pages isn’t bad for an origin story.

  2. I just found your comic and I must say it’s pretty goo– Oh heck– just great pretty great. I really enjoy it and am glad you took time off to tighten things up. E

  3. Awesom job, and congrats on 50 pages! Love the comic so far, can’t wait to see where you take the story

  4. Heck, why does she have to be so pretty in this form?… I’m fairly sure it’s correct to say she in this case.

  5. Did she exhaust the time she could interact with him, without answering any of his questions, maybe because he delayed things so long?

    • You think she was supposed to answer any questions? That’s what he have his mom for …

  6. Binging the archive again.

    Neil’s divine body is … uh … divine.

    No! CUTE! I mean Neil’s divine body is so cute!

    I think it’s the leggings and boots that really set it off.

    Wait until he finds out about that humongous bow she’s got in the back, though.