1. I’ll be honest, at this point I’d probably get him home and then try for a knock out punch. His willpower is amazing, but he’s obviously loosing it.

  2. So that’s one of the things Neil’s mom told them when Neil stormed off… Tell everyone in Neil’s family what’s going on?

    It’s an interesting bit of manipulation. If Neil can’t hide it from those closest to him, he has to face (and accept) it.

    • Not really it is actually a form if help making a support base for later cause to paraphrase danny phantom it won’t be as simple as stuffing the box ghost into the thermos eventually you’ll get the Lexus Luther, the Joker or you’ll be trying to be containing chaos and at those times you’ll need help even if it’s just keepin you sane from the insanity

  3. I just wanna take a moment to analize how the premise seemed so lighthearted and playedas a joke but instead of that we’re getting an actual story with actual character development. I applaud the author

  4. I see this, and wonder if this was all Neil’s mother had to talk about with Carolyn and Aaron. I mean, i would understand why therefore Carolyn had to stay, but i have to wonder, since Aaron wouldn’t have been needed to stay to hear that.