1. The haircut looks different on the second panel O_o
    I wonder why. I mean, the gender-swap should not “automatically” change a haircut. Lots of girls do have short hairs.

    Well, that’s just a nitpick, a minor detail. Other than that, it looks fantastic and it’s a very good story idea. Keep it up!

    • Actually, that’s covered earlier — Chapter 1, pages 7 through 9.

      I originally had saw your comment right before work and it sparked a mental theory that Neil’s soul was female, which would explain his selection and his mother’s complete lack of empathy for his situation — since “he” would actually be (deep down) “she” and actually her claims of disliking it would probably be her lying to herself…

      But yeah, it goes a bit deeper than that. On page 8 when he first interacts with the shrine maiden, she pulls some blue (which is typically the “male” color) essence out, changes it to pink (the “female” color) and forces it back into Neil.

      I’m not sure if the Divine Body is a manifestation of his soul (Ch1-Pg21 suggests Neil’s soul is elsewhere and his soul can move into it), but either way:

      Literally every mental image of Neil we’ve seen since that color change on page 8 has had her be female, and Female Neil seems to have long hair.

      It might just be cosmetic, or it might actually be foreshadowing — what if afterwards Neil’s soul actually is female? Will her tastes, preferences, thoughts and feelings change? And if so, would the new Neil still be … Neil?

      Yay, existential angst.

    • Poor Neil? What do you mean? He gets to have lucid dreams! Screw it having him be a girl and only for less than a minute, it’s still lucid!