Family Photos

My friend Freeglass helped me out again with this terrific piece! Poor Alan doesn’t know how to react.

The top photo is an excellent redraw from an older page. My compliments to the chef.

You can find more of Free’s artwork here (NSFW).

A quick update on what’s been going on in my life: I’ve just finished getting myself all moved in to my new apartment (though I haven’t finished unpacking). I’m now spending a few days several hundred miles from home with my parents, as I haven’t seen them in quite some time. I should be able to start new updates soon… Though exactly when I’m not too sure. I’m currently doing some research and development for the upcoming chapters, but I want to make sure I get things really well planned out, regardless of how long that might take.

I have a plan to keep updates coming while also having time to work out exactly how I want things to go down, so we should be returning to a regular schedule within the next 7 days! Thank you all for being so patient with me. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy what comes next.

  1. Imagine them actually sending out Christmas cards like that. All their relatives and friends be “whut?”

    • Friends not in the know and relatives in his side but for mom’s side it would be something along the lines of ” yeah, we always knew something like this would happen” *sigh*

  2. Okay, why is Neil still in his divine body? Shouldn’t he have transformed back into his normal body once the current threat was over?

  3. Ah yes family photos, I love them! Trying to get it so everyone comes out looking good in the picture, and there’s always one family member who looks great in every one of them, not a ‘hare’ out of place. I guess Alan’s lucky, at least she’s not invisible, that would be the real ‘Topper’, (wink).

  4. Wait aren’t the dates wrong? Yeah Neil was born in 1997 and he’s sixteen now. Should be 2012 and 2013