1. nice!!! satellite went the PR:NS route with De-Powering the mentor! seriously ingenious; can’t wait to see what’s next!

      • Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. In that one the mentor was turned into a hamster or gerbil by the big bad of the season at the start, relegating him to advisor status for the duration.

  2. Good… now go to explaining just what the hell you did, how you did it, and why the hell you thought it was a good idea to go magical girl in the first place?

  3. Usachan, Okasan? I hope Neil doesn’t get in trouble for taking the school science project home with him!
    Will there be carrot cake involved on Neil’s next birthday?
    He can truly be Magical now,,,’Hey you guys, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!’
    The movement and expressions are great!! I’m liking this in black and white. Very cute, yay the hover text is back!

    • I don’t think there’s much chance of repercussions from taking the rabbit since most of the school has already been destroyed.
      A matter of scale, y’know?

    • “Nuthin’ up my sleeve…PRESTO!”


      “Ooh, sometimes I don’t know my own strength!”

  4. I notice that her eyes closed expression has overridden the previous one of the rabbit.

    Also I was wondering if she would actually be able to talk as a rabbit, but it looks like we are all good.

    • Jak;
      Just a thought…people of central & eastern Asia have that lack of an epicanthic fold like their American Indian counterparts (like members of my family) so the eyes aren’t “closed”, just the fold seems to push the eyes closed.

      • I do know that it’s just a genetic trait, and that their eyes aren’t really closed, but I just said it that way since it’s usually depicted like that in drawn media (in simpler styles) (probably should have put quotes around “eyes closed”).

        Mainly I mentioned it since the rabbit’s expression changed from its usual one, to Noriko’s neutral expression.

  5. Well, I guess being a bunny is better then becoming a bunny girl. Now to see if Neil freaks out, laughs or a combination of the two. Either way, she’s probably show how happy she is that her mom’s still alive.

  6. Ok, so… Noriko went power girl but with too much spiritual/personal power for the power girl form to handle, so it started to overload. She couldn’t just bail back to normal form because (I guess) there would still have been an explosion from the destabilised power girl form, which would have killed her.

    But she realised the rabbit was super lucky or indestructible, so she bailed into it. So her real form is still sort of magically scrunched up inside the rabbit and controlling it.

    My question (which I’m sure will be answered soon) is… will she be able to leave the rabbit, or is she stuck in it? Could be useful if the rabbit has essentially been turned into her new power form, so she can safely follow Neil into battle to give helpful, wise, insightful (and unwanted) advice, but still have a normal life otherwise.

    If she’s stuck like that, though, what will this do to her marriage? Can that be handled with humour, or will it just be kind of depressing?

    So looking forward to finding out – and hoping for some happy 🙂

    Oh, and is the rabbit male or female?

    • I dunno about the power form part, but I do think that it will be handled with both depressing and funny moments.
      Also, I think that, for plot convenience the rabbit is female

    • Indeed! Apparently the bunny is more capable of containing the energy of Noriko’s soul than her own magical girl form is. What the Hades is this bunny made of?

      • Methinks she shed the excess magical energy and is now some kind of core of herself.
        Or something.

        Or maybe it’s just that it takes a while for the magic to build up to explosive levels.
        You know. Whatever.

    • sigh to ans your question in order: what, seriously, really, wow these are but a few that is circling inside my mind okay first off the whole “explosion” part is true think of it like a balloon and the “magic” in their body’s are highly deadly gas now in neil’s case he can both inflate and deflate his balloon with eass how ever in his mother’s case her balloon got so stretched out that an over longed inflation would cause the balloon to pop now the deadly gas that was leaked into the area would cause the molecule’s in the area to turn into to a deadly void sucking and collapsing in on herself so if she herself would to revert back to normal well the shell that is her body would implode in front of every body turning her into a one hell of a bloody/gory death so moving on to the second half in order to stop that from happening she would have to find a new catalyst but if the new form cant handle the pressure then q to revert to normal sample so yeah on to your actual question chance are by casting off her unstable form theirs a chance she wont be able to revert back to her normal human self but this is good because now neil has a teacher and it’s better its an taking animal now he is truly a magical girl although i dont think that his mother would like being refereed by her son by a mere familiar and for your last question yes wacky will soon be entitled by this new development

  7. Okay, so now we get to see a rabbit say “watch me pull a boy out of this magical girl!” Or is Neal always female from here on out?

  8. Mom’s gonna be hearing from Kenjiro Isshiki’s attorneys with a cease-and-desist for appropriating his “adult family member now occupies an animal body” schtick. (Just joking, and looking forward to how you carry this forward.)

    Poor grandpa’s mind is now in a stuffed otter? Where’s grandpa’s body? Oh, right. He’s in the FRIDGE…holding a watermelon.



  9. And she called herself … Bun-Bun !
    And got herself a nice folding knife to fight demons with.

  10. Well, every magical girl always tends to have a cute animal side-kick/advisor, so I guess Noriko gets to serve that role. Wonder if she’ll be stuck full bunny or be able to take on an anthro form at some point?

  11. Ah-ha!
    I figured it out, Satie!
    When ghostly baseball guy says “Omoshiroi” when viewing the rabbit I bet he saw that usagi was possibly magical.
    Nori made that possible assumption when she said, “Usagi”, then threw Niel far away….allowing her to try that trick where she does a Tamashī no ten’i, then upon completion says,
    “E~tsu! Sore jissai ni hataraite imashita! “

  12. Why am I the only one who is worried about Neil’s shiny pants? Why do they even exist? I seriously don’t understand why would anyone make pants shiny…

  13. Mulg: “And the role of Neil’s Animal companion shall be held by… His mother… Who writes this stuff?”
    Brain: [It makes more sense then some other animal companions.]
    M: “… True”

  14. No mamma, goddamnit no… I’m about to fucking cry. I can’t sleep so I find a comic to read and here I am crying in a dorm with other people sleeping, I can’t wake them wtf wtf why must this happen? ITS GUNNA BE OKAY

    What the actual hell *wipes tears away* its okay? She okay?!?!