Chapter Two #57

I have mixed feelings about this page. It was a little bit rushed! Still. I got it out on time. Now to get a little sleep before work tomorrow!

    • It was a critical hit! The wild Oni violently exploded into a million pieces and died. Neil gained a headache.

    • *Zen Headbutt.

      Regular headbutts can’t be Super Effe- oh wait, maybe Neil has Pixilate.

      • Zen Headbutt wouldn’t work, the Oni would be Dark typing, then yeah, Neil’s ability would be Pixilate, therefore making the move a Fairy Type, also super effective.

  1. …I would be stoked about this, but I have this horrible feeling his mother’s going to die anyway…

    • No.
      If it goes the predictable route, they’re gonna give her a new body inside the bunny. Magical girls all need goofy animal sidekicks.

      • Or for a violent unexpected turn channel all the excess energy Into the (swiftly thrown Far away) bunny for a BOOM worthy of a holy hand grenade.

  2. Those sunglasses in the last panel (top left) should just land on his face as he turns to the camera and goes

  3. I’m still hoping the whole ‘mom exploding’ thing is going to be a test to see how Neil deals under pressure and with emotions running high.

  4. Your own head. Not sure if that’s the greatest magical girl weapon, or the worst. Either way, it’s hilarious!
    Also, are the explosions from now on always going to occur next to a pair of sunglasses? The “deal with it” explosion is an incredible running gag.

  5. Awesome! The drawings and action are fantastic! I just wish there was music to this. So many song titles going through my mind. ‘Head Games’, ‘I Wear My Sunglasses’, ‘I Think I’m A Bunny’, ‘My ShirOni’ (wink)