Neil’s mom is freaking hard core. It’s about time we got some action up in here. The comic has only been going for what, a year and a half? Geez.

I may skip next week’s update, just so’s you all know. I’m taking a road trip down to SoCal to see the folks, and may not end up having time to work on the comic. In the meanwhile I hope to get some christmas presents done? I have been really terrible at getting gifts to people this year. After moving, I found myself without the money to really buy anyone gifts, and without the time to really MAKE anyone gifts. It’s a real shame, because, while I kind of hate getting presents, giving them is super fun and enjoyable. The move was at a really inopportune moment for the holiday season I suppose.

I came up with this really cool method of gift making that involves printing a picture I drew onto an iron on fabric transfer, ironing that onto a piece of cloth, and then attaching that to a canvas frame. It makes a really neat looking, homemade print that you can hang up on your wall, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Too bad I haven’t had the time to make anything to iron onto the cloth I haven’t had the time to buy with the ink that’s not in my printer. The extent to which I am caught with my pants down this holiday season actually makes me laugh. It’s like, my pants are down at my ankles and EVERYONE can see my underwear. There’s no sense being mortified about it, you just gotta see the humor that lies there.