I’ll be taking a break next week you guys. There will still be updates on wednesday and sunday, but they won’t be by me! A couple filler comics are in the works so that I can take next week and attempt to rebuild my buffer… and also actually sleep for once? I don’t really remember what sleep feels like. Remember when I thought going to bed at 3am was late? Man how young and innocent I was.

My Netflix subscription expired and I’m too lazy cheap apathetic I decided to just kind of let it. But before I did, I had a chance to watch The Warriors, a film about a Coney Island gang fighting their way back home after a meeting with a bunch of other gangs goes sour. I thought it was freaking amazing. I actually watched it twice I liked it so much. Why? I’m not completely sure. The acting was only alright. Some of the characters were much more… cardboard than others, that’s for sure. And the story is pretty straightforward. But the atmosphere is so great. It’s extremely intense and suspenseful. The entire film keeps you on the edge of your seating wondering how they’re going to manage to get themselves out of their current situation. Not to mention how gritty and… desperate the fight scenes are. It just makes for a really excellent movie. I AM STILL VERY TIRED.