Here we are guys! Page 100! I was hoping to have something special drawn for the occasion, but with the way my day job is right now… Well anyway, I hope you enjoy it! It’s truly been a blast drawing this comic for you guys. The fact that there are so many people who read and enjoy it is just… astounding to me, and I am shocked and incredibly grateful for the attention its received. Special thanks to my internet friends and drawing buddies (I won’t embarrass you all by calling each and every one of you by name), and to my family for their support! My Grandma (Hi Grandma! Thanks for reading!) and my Mom and Dad of course.  I know 100 pages isn’t really a lot in graphic novel terms but hey! A reason to celebrate is a reason to celebrate. I’ll have to find a way to treat myself for the milestone somehow…

I tried to keep that as short and… not… sappy as possible.

Do I have anything to review today? Not really. My brain is sort of dead right now so I can’t really think of anything I’ve been watching off the top of my head. Other than the trailer for “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead”. I am a HUGE Evil Dead fan, which is bizarre seeing how much I dislike horror films and FEAR zombies. I think it’s because I saw Army of Darkness first, that I was able to go back and find an appreciation for the first film. I do unironically enjoy the second film too, oddly enough.

That trailer was everything I could have wanted for an Evil Dead TV series. Ash is back baby, and he’s as groovy as ever. Well actually he’s let himself go a bit but even that fits in fantastically. I love how much emphasis they are putting on traditional effects and grindhouse gore. It makes the environment and situations feel connected to the original films on a very fundamental level. And you just can’t beat Bruce Campbell as Ash. Such a quotable character, full of charisma. Of course we’ll have to wait till Halloween to see if it’s ACTUALLY any good, but after watching the trailer? My hopes are quite high.