I can’t believe I got this page done on time.

So I watched “The Last Unicorn” the other day. Why did I never see that movie as a kid?? I’m not certain, but it definitely seems like the kind of thing I would have really enjoyed. If you don’t know, The Last Unicorn is the story of… a Unicorn, who goes on a journey to find out if she really is the last of her kind. Along the way she meets a bumbling, but well meaning magician, and a salty bandit’s wife, who both decide to join her on her quest. The film drooools eighties charm, and was just so… Charming. I mean, yeah, definitely cheesy, but the characters were likable and developed well, and the story is just so… Fairy tale. I LOVE FAIRY TALES. Man it was beautiful but I am too tired to properly articulate  how I feel about it.