Chapter Two #40

I am not really pleased with the way the shading on this page came out, but sometimes you just gotta accept that it’s as good as it’s going to get, and move on. Each page is a learning experience!

I am very tired. This next week maaaay be a couple of smaller, four panel comic asides, just so I can take a little breather…

Also, look at that bun.

  1. It looks great! It looks like a ton of work. The first panel looks like an ‘I Spy’ thing, like there might be stuff hidden in there. My favorite part is the shark in the last panel. The action in the last panel is really turbulent, as well.

  2. It took me a few minutes, but I found the Warfstache. Yay Markiplier references!

    Also, the bun is adorable. Lookit the widdle nose!

  3. Don’t get so down on yourself; I really like this page! I think the shading is fine; it feels like an empty classroom with the lights off, but in the middle of the day so not too dark because presumably there are windows.

    Also, I love all the little details you included in the first panel (the ones I caught, at least). Do I see a Poke Ball and an Ultra Ball in the far-right closet?

  4. I think the shading turned out totally fine. <3 The only thing this page makes me feel disappointed about is that MY high school science lab didn't have a mustache in the closet. I feel this should be a requirement…

  5. This actually may be one of my new favorite pages, the “hydrogen peroxide!!” And the following “oh my!” make me smile for reasons I don’t quite understand.

    Also, the Pokeball and Ultraball do not go unnoticed. Reminds me of my old science teacher who actually hung Pokeballs from the ceiling and kept timers that may or may not have shared extreme resemblances to a Pokedex…

  6. Above the poke balls is a Vanna from the webcomic cassiopeia quinn specificly the outfit is from House Poolg

  7. Hee! Even half a year later (I was not privileged to learn of the sheer awesomeness that is Magical Girl Neil until well after this page was originally posted), I still find new treats in that top panel. The cupboard immediately behind the rabbit cage, bottom half, top shelf, far left side: I never owned one, but isn’t that one of the more popular early home Nintendo consoles? I couldn’t tell you anything specific on the topic to save my life, but that shape is pretty distinctive. Also, messy stack of books in the top of the leftmost cupboard: probably originally just sketched in outline as random boring chemistry textbooks, but I am nearly certain each has ultimately been given a unique title, and from what we know of the artist’s production methods the original canvas size would have provided ample pixel resolution to read them. Can anyone still make out if anything interesting is being referenced, even with the lettering having been so drastically shrunken along with everything else in the process of the final image file being produced?