Well the results are in guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to vote! With everything tallied, over sixty percent of those polled prefer two updates a week in black and white, so we’ll keep going with that! I will be updating my patreon this month, to change the “addition of a third arm” milestone. It was originally to make Magical Girl Neil update twice a week, but now, it will be a return to color updates.

I was originally hoping to end this chapter in around fifty pages, but it’s looking like it may be a little longer than that. I’ve definitely been having issues with chapter length, and I think that’s because when I wrote out the story summary, it wasn’t really written as chapters so much as episodes. This just means that every individual “Chapter” is a beat with its own subplot, more like you’d find in a TV series than in a book. With this in mind, I think I’m just going to have to stop worrying about the length of the chapters, and keep going until the “episode” is finished. I need to remember that, while I want to introduce you to all the great characters and plot points I have as SOON as possible, the story still needs focus and drive. I’m in this for the long haul!

Now then. Reviews. what do I review? What have I been watching-




I hate it.

Okay so, story is that Pac man and his friends Radish and Hot Topic help to defend the city of Pacopolis… ugh… from the threat of ghosts, who are led by the diabolical… General… Betrayus.




This show makes my EYES burn. Like, there are SO MANY things that are just SO bad. First of all EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR PAC MAN AND THE ORIGINAL GHOSTS LOOK TERRIBLE. I’m not joking when I say Pac Man is friends with a Radish. HE LOOKS LIKE A RADISH. And his girlfriend(????) looks like one of the Mr. Men! Like, if there was a LITTLE MISS SCENE. Also, no one believes in ghosts?? NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BELIEVE IN GHOSTS despite the fact that the story takes place less than one generation after a GIANT WAR… AGAINST GHOSTS. THERE’S SOME KIND OF PROPHECY THAT THE “YELLOW ONE” WILL SAVE ALL OF PACOPOLIS, AND PAC MAN IS THE ONLY YELLOW… WHATEVER THEIR KIND ARE CALLED, but he’s just some RANDOM teenager in a school where NO ONE believes in ghosts! DESPITE THE FACT THAT HALF OF THEM LOST RELATIVES IN THE GHOST WAR. He’s not being protected or even WATCHED over just in case something happens even though TONS of people are aware that being yellow is somehow important. Oh yeah! and THEY’RE TEENAGERS. So they try to include like, teenage drama? May I remind you: THIS IS PAC MAN. HE JUST RUNS AROUND IN THE ARCADE CABINET AND EATS DOTS AND GHOSTS. How do you give a little pixel circle an expansive world complete with it’s own lore and an entire story arc??  Here’s the answer! YOU DON’T . SOME THINGS SHOULD NOT BE TAMPERED WITH.

It’s like trying to make Sonic the Hedgehog all edgy with guns and swearing and oh wait that kind of happened.

There. I hope you’re happy. I watched this show for you guys. I DID IT FOR YOU. I need to lie down.