I been waiting to draw these pages for years. YEARS.

I watched Kung Fury the other day. Man, if you don’t know about Kung Fury then you are MISSING OUT. It is a thirty minute independent film, crowdfunded and available for free viewing on Youtube. It chronicles the adventures of Kung Fury, a hardcore cop who plays by his own rules, and his fight against the most evil martial artist in history: Hitler!

I don’t want to give too much away, but there is time travelling and dinosaur riding and a hacking with the powerglove. It’s like someone took everything that was awesome about the eighties, condensed it into some kind of unholy serum and injected it into a tyrannosaur. I give this move A stars out of five.

So guys, this is the second to last black and white page. June is over, so now is the time to vote for your personal preferences! Head over to This Link Here to vote for whether you want two black and white pages a week, or one color page a week!