Chapter Two # 35 + 36

I been waiting to draw these pages for years. YEARS.

I watched Kung Fury the other day. Man, if you don’t know about Kung Fury then you are MISSING OUT. It is a thirty minute independent film, crowdfunded and available for free viewing on Youtube. It chronicles the adventures of Kung Fury, a hardcore cop who plays by his own rules, and his fight against the most evil martial artist in history: Hitler!

I don’t want to give too much away, but there is time travelling and dinosaur riding and a hacking with the powerglove. It’s like someone took everything that was awesome about the eighties, condensed it into some kind of unholy serum and injected it into a tyrannosaur. I give this move A stars out of five.

So guys, this is the second to last black and white page. June is over, so now is the time to vote for your personal preferences! Head over to This Link Here to vote for whether you want two black and white pages a week, or one color page a week!

  1. To paraphrase Shigeru Miyamoto, a slow-to-arrive page is only slow to arrive until it arrives, a black-and-white page is black-and-white until the end of time.

    • Given that I’ve seen black-and-white web comic pages get colored anywhere from next day to years later, that second half seems to be just false.

    • There was once a web-comic, sadly it is no more, and hasn’t for too many years now, which the fans used to color as a sort of contest. There were no official winners, but the best colorists have mostly gone on to working, for cash, on other strips. And the best renderings, as decided by the artist were all placed into the archives, instead of the B&W versions that he had originally posted.

      Perhaps MGN might consider going that route. Then everybody gets what they want, more strips, colorized strips, at least in the archives, and folks get to try their chops at an important aspect of cartooning.

    • He put out Ocarina of Time which a prequel to the origin story of the Zelda franchise and the series has been a mess ever since.

        • OoT’s story isn’t coherent as a stand alone title. It needs ALttP to work but conflicts with it way too much. For that alone, I can’t buy that excuse.

          At lest two prominent staff members, one of which was Miyamoto himself, had gone on record saying that OoT is supposed to be a prequel was the reason for some of the events of the game play out the way that they do such as Ganondorf turning into a demon boar and being sealed away instead of killed like he was in LoZ and ALttP. So the argument doesn’t work at all.

          Nintendo has also tried to cover up these mistakes by manipulation the fandom on multiple occasions as well. The two most blatant ones being Skyward Sword and Hyrule Historia. SS literately tries to convince the player that they’re worthless and that its only through the divine grace of the devs that we’re allowed to play hero. The game also tries to convince us that everything is solely Link’s fault instead of Zelda’s for murdering everyone because she got in the way of the Hero. HH tries to convince use that everything is Link’s fault as well and completely glosses over that the only reason events of SS and OoT happen was because people got in the Hero’s way. It also over looks that fact that time splits are man made constructs and never explains who made the second one or why. When confronted with this Nintendo responded very negatively by having employes as shills attack the fandom. So no, Miyamoto is full of shit as he clearly doesn’t practice what he preaches and only says that stuff to excuse his own behavior.

  2. I’ve been waiting for these pages for a long time! And now that they’re here, I realize how much that it’s worth it.

  3. A toaster??? Maybe her powers can only produce appliances?
    Also,will the comic return to color next month?

    • The way the votes are looking, most likely not. The majority want two black and white pages a week instead of one color one. However; that could change. Voting is open till midnight tonight!

  4. I found this comic via your guest strips for Between Failures, and I have to say I am really enjoying it so far! As a fan of all things toast, these are my favorite pages yet 😉 Keep up the good work!

  5. I was hoping that he would get a pocket knife with a 1/2 inch blade then get a toaster

  6. No, this makes sense. A toaster with no power cords but requires energy to operate. Toss this to Mom to help her bleed off the energy that’s going to make her pop.