Man I’m really putting my face to the grindstone here. I don’t care if that’s not how that saying goes things are getting really busy here. The next MGN update is going to be a two page spread! I will be livestreaming it on my picarto  account over the next several days, so feel free to swing by and say hello!

My friend Jackie has been in the hospital and it really sucks. So, to lend whatever assistance I can to someone who lives halfway across the country, I’ve offered to do a few guest pages for his webcomic “Between Failures”. I’ll be keeping the regular updates going over there till the end of the week, or until my arm falls off from drawing. Whatever the case, it’s something I am very excited to be doing! Feel free to check it out, and leave some well wishes while you’re there.

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE Star Trek Voyager? I love original series. I love The Next Generation. There are bad episodes mixed into those but the show and CHARACTERS as a whole are loveable and often relateable. But Voyager. VOYAGER. Only two shows have actually managed to make me throw a physical tantrum, complete with punching walls and throwing things. One of them is the latest Pac Man animated series (and we’ll GET to that) and the other is VOYAGER. VOYAGER. I can’t even say the name, in the context of THAT SHOW, without getting mad. It’s like, NOTHING IS GOOD. The characters are all stupid and frustrating, the plots are generally awful, the creatures they encounter all JERKS, and OH MY GOD THRESHOLD was SUCH a bad episode that IT’S NO LONGER CONSIDERED CANON.

Somebody please draw me a baby space salamander.