Chapter Two #32

I worked hard on this page and I think it turned out fairly well.

The other day I started watching “Zig and Sharko” If you are a fan of “Ren and Stimpy” and “Tom and Jerry” this will hit those nostalgia buttons real good. It’s about a Hyena (Zig) trying to get ahold of a mermaid to EAT her. But she’s protected by a giant shark (Sharko) who always gets in Zig’s way. The Mermaid remains blissfully unaware to all the ensuing shenanigans.

I like this show! It’s art style is very classic, and its themes heavily influenced by cartoons I grew up loving. It does of course suffer from the same problems as those cartoons… Repetitive punchlines, similar themes to every episode, etc. Still, I think that, in small doses, it can be very enjoyable. It’s also done with no dialogue, and I can respect that.


  1. The page looks great! The Oni looks like it may be losing energy, cuz it’s horns are gone? We can only hope Noriko gets out of there. I’ve often felt like she looks in the first panel like ‘yikes, no amount of concealer’s gonna cover this’ (wink).