It has been a busy week. Not much to say about this page really, but that’s mostly because I’m really tired! And I’m sure you all don’t want to hear me ramble on about THAT.

I started watching Shezow the other day. It’s a cartoon about a guy who finds out his aunt was this super girly superhero, and ends up getting her super power ring stuck on his finger? So he ends up being able to transform into her outfit, which I guess includes a wig, and has all these ridiculously “feminine” superpowers.

I couldn’t make it through the first two episodes honestly. I didn’t really find the characters all that likable,  and… look, putting “she” in front of EVERY WORD does not make that word a pun. It just ends up being annoying. Also, I didn’t like how… rigid the gender roles were I guess? I don’t tend to enjoy any show where the comedy is based off of “Boys are like this, and Girls are like this! Aren’t their differences hilarious??”

I bet you all just think I hate everything. This is only partially true. Tune in on Wednesday to hear about a show I enjoyed!