Screentones seem to be a medium that I seem to be competent in, despite not having used them much. I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up reading a lot of manga, and kind of picked up their techniques just by the sheer amount of work I absorbed.

I think if you cross reference my tone style, you can probably pick up on my favorite manga really easily… maybe.

I watched B.L.I.T.Z. the other day, starring Jason Statham. I think I seriously need to choose better movies to watch. It was every other “Jason Statham is a cop” movie that’s ever been made, you know? Completely unremarkable and uninteresting. And he kept talking about how Irish he was throughout the entire movie, which may have been some cultural reference that I didn’t get, or it may have just been because… How else would you know? It doesn’t really count as a character trait if you just say “Oh I’m Irish” and then act like you do in every other action movie Mr Statham. And I LIKE Jason Statham too. He’s great in the Guy Ritchie films. He’s kind of been type cast though, when he’s just got potential to do much more.