Still learning things about the screentones. Manga Studio doesn’t seem to want to scale the screentones accordingly when I shrink an image, so I have to make sure I save it as a single layer file first. Not a big deal, because I do that anyway, but still pretty funny to see all them giant dots everywhere.

Also, I should probably stop writing scripts at three in the morning.

I watched “Welcome to the Punch” the other day. Surprisingly, it is not a boxing themed sequel to Space Jam. It’s about a cop uncovering some kind of conspiracy set up by British politicians? Or something. The real entertainment from the film was trying to point out all the actors who had been in Doctor Who. There were like… Four. Maybe three? It felt like there were more than that but I can’t remember. I wonder if it’s a really tight knit acting community over there. I mean, they’re all in the same things with each other all the time, you gotta think they’re probably like old friends now, right?