Chapter Two #25

Noriko was over the frilly dresses years ago.

Short post today guys. I’m away from home and actually uploading the comic page this week from my tablet itself! Weird right?

I’m also currently in the process of testing an android driven art program that seems pretty great. I’ll be writing a full review of it soon.

I’ve been watching “Dead Man Wonderland”. A shonen (yeah its totally a shonen) about death row inmates who can weild their blood as weapons. It’s kind of dumb… I’m not a big fan of the genre in general but the subbed series is alright. The dub is absolutely horrible and hilarious, so of course I’ve been watching that. Thing is, every time they use their blood… Like, some of them can use it, and THEN PUT IT BACK IN THEIR BODIES and that just seems like it would be killing these poor people off faster than any death matches could. I mean, sure it might look gnarly but that dude probably has all the diseases. Just… All of them.

  1. It would be hard to run in heels,as long as they’re NOT three inch heels! 😉

  2. That cow must’ve eaten some of the food in the cafeteria and it contained beef. Mad oni disease!

    • I’m inclined to agree about the cape.
      But I’m not so sure about going into battle without that jewel(?)/clasp(?).

  3. This is why, if I become a magical girl, I want ballet slippers. They’ll get dirty quick, but daaaamn if they ain’t comfy.