This page was drawn super quickly. I’m either getting faster at this comic thing, better at this comic thing, OR, I’ve starting caring less. It could be a combination of the three, I dunno. Anyway, Noriko is an incredibly sparkly magical girl.

I watched XXX the other day. No, the one with Vin Diesel. NO, THE SFW ONE WITH VIN DIESEL.

Actually there is that one part where there’s just three naked women asleep on a bed. Almost forgot about that.

Thing about that movie is that it was obviously made to be “hip” by people who were very NOT “hip” NOT HIP AT ALL. lots of forced conversation about video games and oddly inserted slang. You know the movie was made specifically for like… 17 year old boys. It’s just so painfully obvious. Explosions, video games, hot women, car chases and gun fights with all sorts of EXTREME SPORTS stunts mixed in. You know what that movie is like? It’s like a mid life crisis in a film. That’s what it’s like.

Why do I do this to myself? I knew I wasn’t gonna like the movie. So why did I watch it?