Ooh, who’s the spooky eyeball dude? Could it POSSIBLY be spooky eyeball dude from the chapter cover? Uh yeah probably. Kind of mucked up that reveal. This page has a lot of information on it (and a LOT of panels) but I think it all fits in there well enough!

Also, Optimus looks good in pink plaid.


So I watched Wild Wild West the other day. Just… No. Just no. There is so much about that movie that doesn’t make sense. When the giant robotic spider is the most believable part of the story…? Like the way the characters interact with one another is SO out of period. And even though the tech is ridiculous, it would be less jarring if the characters didn’t act like people from the nineties living in the wild west. The whole thing was ridiculous, and some people might be all like “Yeah it’s SUPPOSED to be that way.” But it would be a lot more INTERESTING if the characters were believable and the TECH was just ridiculous, you know? I’m just repeating myself at this point.

Still, I enjoyed myself a little bit. I blame the inescapable likability of Will Smith.