Chapter Two #20

I spent a lot of time trying to decide on what magical weapon Neil’s mom would have. I eventually settled on a Claymore, thanks to the suggestions of a friend, but then ended up drawing it too short… SO NOW IT’S A BASTARD SWORD INSTEAD. I’m good at my job.

SPEAKING of being good at my job. that fifth panel there was completed all the way up to the lineart before I realized that I had drawn the door opening the wrong way. I had it on the left side of the door frame opening in, which is… basically the exact opposite of how I’ve been drawing it in EVERY OTHER PAGE. Fortunately, I’m pleased with how the end result turned out. Neil peeping around the door like that worked out well!

I watched “Stardust” recently. It’s a fairy tale about fallen stars and evil witches and princesses transformed and sky pirates and my God that movie is good. It’s like, someone took all the innocence of a disney fairy tale, the wit of a Diana Wynne Jones novel and the sarcasm of the Princess Bride, mixed it together, and then proceeded to destroy me with the adorable result. It’s probably not for everyone, but if you’re a hopeless romantic and a HUUUUUUUGE nerd, like me, then you’ll probably really enjoy this film.


  1. Do you mean Stardust? I can’t seem to find anything called Starfall that matches your description and Stardust fits the bill perfectly.

  2. Neil’s mom sure sounds confident that she can take on this…beast!
    Now how about the aftermath???

  3. I hope neil gets a appropriate weapon and not Just throwing around appliances though not yet do to the appliances being good enough for now ability. Is it me or is the mom shorter

  4. And then she dies. Neil has to discover everything, cause nothing will be explained. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnn !!!

  5. I love how much more expressive Neil is when he’s in his divine body. I hope that contrast of him having really flat facial expressions in his real body vs all the adorable expressions in his divine body is something that sticks with the comic. OwO

  6. Well she’s essentially another “Uncle Ben” now (think about all the different characters that have gone by that name (example Peter Parker’s uncle and Obi-Wan’s alias)

  7. Ah, Stardust was a nice movie. It was enjoyable and certainly on my list of movies I would share with my currently non-existent children. That list also includes Coraline and maybe Azumanga Daioh.

    Also, I agree with the red flags. It is so tempting fate and practically a trope in and of itself.

  8. Neil’s Mom showed a degree of regret twords assuming this ‘divine form’, dispite the obvious danger everyone’s in, yet she’s promising they’ll have time to discuss things later, so, unless she’s lying, she’s not in danger of ‘burning out her spirit’ or somesuch.

    She’s also incredibly confident that she’ll win the upcoming bout, so being a weakened magical girl isn’t an issue…

    And yet, the mahou shoujou powers have been ‘passed down’ for generations…

    If I had to make a _guess_, transforming after the new mahou shoju has been formed will wind up with some negative consequences. Maybe she’s stuck in her divine body now?
    Now in the form of a teenage girl, she can’t claim to be Neil’s Mom or have any degree of legal standing that she’s obtained throughout the years?

  9. I love the sparkle text for mom. They are so well done at first glance i thought they were moving and that you had done a gif for us

  10. Well, I figured she was gonna win… until she invoked Murphy’s Law.
    As a Magical Girl, doesn’t she know that is one of the most powerful spells ever? It even exists in our day and is invoked by such phrases as:
    “Hey guys, watch this!”
    “It can’t get any worse.”
    “At least it’s not raining.”
    “This movie HAS to get better.”

    And yes… “This shouldn’t take very long”…