Chapter Two # 18

Okay but, you guys ever stop and think about how ridiculously uncomfortable this kind of outfit would be to fight in? And it’s not just that, think about how disheveled you would IMMEDIATELY look if you started trying to fight. Your shirt would get untucked, your hair would come out of place, your hat would fall off, you’d most likely lose a button or two, and that’s all just during the run up. Who knows what would happen when the fight ACTUALLY began. I am one hundred percent certain that part of the “Magic” of a magical girl is the ability to keep oneself in a “crisp” condition. I know for a FACT that Neil’s hair has no product in it. Yeah. it’s held in place with MAGIC.

that’s gonna be my explanation for a lot of things in this comic. ¬_¬

In other news. I’ve been watching a lot of “Meh” movies. “meh” referring to the fact that I have wanted to see them, but when I think about actually having to go out and buy them I go “Meh”.

I saw Snowpiercer. That was pretty rad. I found it’s premise pretty interesting, and was pleased with how they managed to do something relatively fresh and new with a basic concept that was seriously overdone. In the nineties! Also, on a completely unrelated subject, Did you know John Hurt has died over FORTY times onscreen? Man, take that Sean Bean.

  1. Mother like daughter. Now we need to see if she’s going die or leave given the foreshadowing and all.

  2. Damn. Do Magical Girls have some sort of pact with the Fashion Gods? Because that’s the only way I see an outfit like that working out, MUCH LESS being able to fight in it.

    …though come to think about it, it would explain the source of their power. And their elaborate clothing transformation sequences…

  3. Magical girls those real main ability to wearing impractical for anyone else outfit while wielding their power without even knocking lose a stray hair.

  4. The first thing I thought of was, “Whoa Mama”! Second, her outfit’s probably made out of spandex or spanx like stuff, therefore has a lot of give to it, yet keeps everything in it’s place; and third, the Oni probably will take one look at the heels on those boots and run! BTW Neil’s hair looks great, considering there’s no product in it! But this is the advantage of magic! And, when I think about it, hmm, may be it will comfort Neil to know at least when he changes, his hair’s always great, although, he really doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that worries about that stuff. (wink)

  5. Awesome! Now THAT is a magical girl battle costume! I know Neil hasn’t seen his own costume yet, but once he does he’ll be like, “Mo-OM!! How come you get a cool green “Japanese-military-high-school-for-girls badass chick” costume and I’m all “cute-chic”? And yes, the fact that magical girl costumes are literally “made of magic” goes a long way toward keeping them clean and wrinkle-free even after long battles. This is such a wonderful arc, and I’m still worried about Neil’s mom.

  6. This raises a question for me. Why is a wardrobe change necessary for magical girl transformations, it just seems arbitrary. I understand you didn’t make the genre, so its not like you decided that, but I was more asking in general.

  7. Oooohsnap. Her outfit turned out looking so fantastic. I love Neil’s expression. I agree Neil. I agree. OwO

  8. >high heels when transformed

    Hey, I dropped Heartcatch because of that, I just want to be consistent.

    • meh most of precure is high healed, at least with Doko doki they gave them ho pants instead of trying to find creative ways to avoid panty shots

      • True. Only the first one is an exception.
        BUT that’s not the only reason Honoka and Nagisa are awesome and take the crown as best precures.

  9. How often has John Barrowman died onscreen? The character he plays in Doctor Who has supposedly died over 1,000 times, I lost count as to how many were on camera

    • Not sure that’s the same situation. He’s playing a semi-invincible (regenerating) character, so he gets hurt and or killed a lot to showcase that. It’s like how wolverine, despite supposedly being a great fighter, gets shit-kicked so often. Whereas John Hurt just gets killed a lot. As many different people. And that guy from Alien twice. In Space Balls, he looks down at the chestburster that has just emerged from his chest, and has time to say “Oh god, not again.” before dying.