Chapter 2.46

I’m finding it really hard to get back into the swing of things here. It’s strange, cause I was just like, working super hard and all the time and now all the sudden I just can’t… do that… anymore. But I’m trying my best to get these pages out to you guys!

A “tactical” partnership

  1. Panel 2: omg teeth!
    And, hey. As long as you keep putting out these awesome pages, I’ll keep reading the comic 🙂 you’re doing way better than one comic I’m reading, where they’ve updated three times in the last two years!

  2. Hey, I’d rather have a break from this comic than watch it sink because you lost all your inspiration and didn’t want to wait for it to come back. Not to mention, drawing a comic when you don’t have the mood is torture. You can take a break if you need to. We’ll understand.

  3. I love how the bunny’s expressions mirror Neil’s. And, he’s still holding the cord to the toaster! It looks great!
    These are definitely bonding moments for Neil, Noriko and the Bunny.
    If you have to go back down to 1 time a week to avoid burnout, do it. It’s summer, if you were a TV series you’d be on hiatus.

  4. This page makes me giggle uncontrollably. Love Neil’s expression in panel 2, and his mom’s in the last panel! And to echo what others are saying, you can’t let this stress you to the point of burning out. Find a schedule that works for you, that lets you keep telling the story you want to tell, but without being a struggle against time, obligations, and your own will. We’ll still be here.

  5. You are totally not the only person who has had that happen to them. It’s totally happened to me tons of times because I work hard all the time shut up yes I do. But seriously, I’ve gone from workaholic to “why do I have to do this?!” and I don’t know why. I can say it’s temporary though.

  6. Hehe I wonder if Neil is going to have pierced ears when he reverts to his normal form?

  7. I just realized something, all magical girl have a cute animal mascot and I think Neil now has his.

  8. Sadly, I’m in the midst of that, as well. I retired to have time to create the things that interest me, and now I’m making progress, I don’t want to work on it more…