Chapter 2 # 16+17

Double update!

I’m not as pleased as I’d like to be with how these pages came out. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that my comp blue screened TWICE while I was drawing them. Yeah. I lost a lot of hard work, and threw several tantrums… In the end some rushing was involved, but they still came out looking alright!

I need a new computer.

In other news. I was all set to finish up next week’s update tonight, but am now sick. So… that didn’t happen. This week has really been a mess hasn’t it? It sucks when you run into unexpected issues, but I’ll do my best to keep the updates as regular as possible! I’d really like to move towards two weekly updates sometime soon… We shall see… First thing’s first: gotta get that buffer back up to snuff.

Also, I’m gonna try and be more diligent about posting these little… news blurbs… Updates? Info? I… can’t think of what to call them right now. I’m gonna go try and sleep off whatever I’ve come down with.

  1. What exactly is happening on this page? I’m not sure if I’m too tired to understand this or it is just hard to follow

    • I’m not sure whether this is helpful: it looks to me like Neil’s mother is transforming into her superior divinely-granted body, but she doesn’t have the gem with her, so it had to travel to her.
      Speculating further, summoning the gem took energy she is short on, hence the line of panels where she looks like she’s fading out, as if she might fail.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up Nine! These are great! This is leagues better than what I can do, and I have been at this for a few years now. Also I have a decent enough job that I can start supporting you monthly on patreon now! High five!

  3. The pages are beautiful. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening either, but that’s the point, otherwise we don’t bother joining you next week. I’m dangling on the edge of my chair! Feel better. Hope the energy sap isn’t because you’re morphing into the comic.

  4. To me it just looks like the divine body first forms behind Neil, then his mother just sort of fwooms into it–rather than the traditional transformation of the actual body that you usually see. I think it just helps cement the fact that their souls are sort of controlling the divine bodies rather than them actually changing into that body, if that makes sense.

  5. Now I’m nervous for Neil’s mom. Her hesitation to transform and apparent resignation just before she finally did indicates to me that her transformation after the power has passed to Neil violates The Rules, and that violation will cause her to be punished. Perhaps the punishment is that she can never undo her transformation – she’s trapped in her divine body permanently? I can’t wait to see the resolution of this arc!

    • i think it is actually a sign of mental problems most likely the reason why she has only one picture of her family and it is of her grandma or mom I’m to lazy to look that up. a traumatic event that has to do with magic.

  6. Okay, I am a little confused here. I thought there was only one divine body, and it was transferred from the Mom to Neil. So how is the Mom transforming if she no longer has the divine body?

    • I think Neil’s mom said, at one point, “All divine bodies are female” which would imply more than one. So I imagine all magical girls get their own divine body rather than there being one passed down through the generations. OwO