3.4 #22

That’s the end of 3.4! Up next: the epilogue.

        • Oh but it does, it so horrifyingly does. Don’t worry though, they then promptly afterwards go back to the safe confines of Act 6 Act 5 Act 1.

          (Warning: It does show up if you google it. Just know you may just turn around and walk away from it)

  1. Neil: Did… did she just pull a Tuxedo Mask on me?

    Volt Dynamo: Hey, kinda exploded a little…

    Neil: No One Cares, Volt!!

  2. Finally, the action is over! I love the comic everything about it but this woman, we don’t know anything about her so her fighting a disposable monster for so many pages was really getting a tiny bit boring. There’s a mystery now that is cool! The action was pretty but there was no reason to care and it went on for so long, but we made it through it! Back to the good stuff!

  3. Until an official name is given, I shall name her… Mirage. Seems like a fitting name for someone who summons things out of no where and then disappears with the dust in the wind.
    Course this is the point that someone points out that a official name has been given already. >_>

  4. Who?, Shh, there’s so much to know,
    I love her hair’s purple glow.
    Wshh we knew more about the anchor tattoo.
    The umbrellas are a nice touch too.

    • I think you are letting the boob-shaped explosion clouds warp your judgement. I see no hormones on view, just confusion. I mean, Neil’s face in panel one (and his question) reflect annoyance not attraction. Anyway, the Miko is _way_ too old for him.

        • Seems like a vocabulary problem. In light of cases like Neil, and perhaps also sex reassignment, we probably shouldn’t label people by how what they are attracted to is different or similar to how they are (after all, how they are can change), but by what they are attracted to without referral to what they are.

          Or as one would say in programming, “that’s the wrong abstraction”.

        • maybe not boy’s at large but it was heavily hinted at he found the “pretty boy” he met before the fight attractive in some form. its highly likely that said pretty boy will become a member of the cast and Neil will be cast into a love triangle between him and a girl (likely miss big booms here).

  5. Blasting evil by the daylight winning love by the sea life always blasting to win a fight she is the one named Sailor Boom