1. “Whoops” is the appropriate response when dropping someone in mid-air.


  2. Wow.. Did Dynamo not even see Bluebelle fighting and kicking that Hydra’s ass while he showboated in? I thought prodigies were supposed to be the type that can actually see what was going on?
    I forsee collateral damage. Not just with lighting used on a aquatic monster frying everything else in the water, but also a broken bone or two. Whoms bones.. I withold comment =w=;;

    • At what point did you think VD some kind of prodigy? He’s just a newbie graduated from the local Hero School.

      • Hm, the wording of Carolyn’s fangirling mostly. With the whole “candidate for best new superperson of the year” shtick. Guess I misplaced the term. Still, for a guy with as much accolades as he apparently has, he seems to be a brash showboat.

    • Technically, the hydra has no butt to kick (that could be seen, at least)–though Bluebelle was CERTAINLY kicking hydra-face.

    • if he is the Hype Man lets get TeamFourstar’s vegeta to kill him for TFS’s Vegeta is the hype

    • i don’t know about you but usually when i see a character being called a “prodigy” their typical character traits include haughty arrogance, oversized egos and massive senses of invincibility that eventually get destroyed and humbled by the under-dog main hero

  3. The way Neil’s hair forms cat ears in panel three is way cute.
    Also: does no one in this strip understand personal space?

  4. “Gotta get you to a safe place, little lady.”

    Neil summons an industrial AC unit! It’s super-effective!

    • You mean:

      VOLT DYNAMO took BLUEBELLE into the sky!

      A critical hit!

      BLUEBELLE was freed from the SKY DROP!

      • No, I’m saying that she’s about to conjure the largest, heaviest item she can and brain him with it over where he put his hands.

      • No, I’m saying that Neil is going to brain him with the largest, heaviest piece of equipment she can conjure.

    • Also Super Polluting, if any of the coolant lines break. Wasn’t she warned about that complicated stuff, a few pages back?

      • Neil: *summons AC unit hits VD accidentally polluted the ocean*
        Volt Dynamo: Hey! ow!
        Neil: *points at VD* He did it *runs away*
        VD: What no I didn’t
        Police: *arrive and hand him cleaning prodicts or whatever*

  5. What a great page! The expressions are so I could understand it in any language.
    It always comes down to Mary Poppins “never judge things by their appearance”. Volt just got his ‘signals’ crossed and didn’t realize Neil’s who he is. I don’t see arrogance, Volts just trying to take ‘charge’ and do everything he learned in ‘Superhero 101’ class. His initial ‘swoop and scoop of the damsel in distress’ was a perfect 10! However, he scored low on communication,(it is the key) and ‘landing/placement. He’s still young though and obviously has a lot of ‘energy’.

  6. Bluebelle’s “response” to Volt in panel three! I LOL the first time and still have a big grin.
    *edit* And it appears we will have an answer to “can she fly?” in the next installment,

    • I think so too, which is why, even though it always STARTS in a ponytail I almost always find a reason for it to be set free somehow ._.

  7. Here’s a question like to hear people’s opinions on, are the cat ears meant as a metaphorical imagery or did Bluebells divine body actually transform, like how it changes the costume depending on the location.

    Personally I think being able to turn into a cat–girl would be a pretty cool Power up.

    • I could answer this but I almost feel like it would be better if I didn’t

  8. I just noticed on going back to read the strip again the cat ears in panel 3, that was inspired.

  9. I also hope this was caught on film as this will do wonders for VD’s image.

  10. Poor Neil. Forced to be rescued by a pretty boy in spandex (or whatever he’s wearing, that shirt is way to tight to be normal). Falling is almost better.

  11. Um, did Neil forget he can fly?

    EDIT: Apparently Neil can’t fly? Huh . . . okay then.

  12. lol XD love her acting like a cat =^,,^=
    and I’m calling it now!! she will end up dating him at some point in this comic hahaha ^///^ )

  13. Gotta ask, are the cat ears ‘real’ or just artistic license? The astral body has already shown that it adapts to the situation its user is in.

  14. Will we eventually find out why Neil’s mom had a feeling he would be a magical girl?

  15. Last panel: here we see Neil forgetting they’re in a nigh-indestructible shell, with reflexes to match.