1. Okay. She can summon a battleship. Well, part of one. That would be a bad place to be when it fires, except magical girls.

    Alt-text is killin’ me!

  2. she’s powerful . it looks like she pulled out the big guns. sorry about the pun but someone was going to say it i couldn’t resist taking a shot at it.

    • It may not be the shipping we want, but it’s the shipping we need right now. Batshipping. Shipmanning. Manshipping.

      … Actually manshipping is more what we want than what we need.

    • I hope the Hydra doesn’t sink that Super Battleship. Hey is that yamato the famous japanese battleship?

      • Looks more like an Iowa class US battleship, though it’s a little hard to tell with the partial view…

        Either way, super awesome!

  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a big gun. The lady appears to be very, very advanced.

      • Well if you want to get all maxim-my, you should note that this lady clearly has no intention of running afoul of maxim six(6). “If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.”

  4. I’m gonna wager that, considering the size of her weapon of choice, she’s likely several years older than Neil, I wouldn’t know if she was getting close to being too powerful for her divine body though.

  5. So this nautical-themed Magical Girl is totally that beautiful dude with a similar nose and eyelashes that loves the beach, yeah?

  6. When I scrolled down and saw the battleship my immediate reaction was “Fucking what?!”

    Neil is playing with kitchen utensils, while unknown here pulls out fucking battleships.

  7. … Is this an Iowa-class?

    Putting aside the 16″ guns, if it’s the 1984 refit she could call upon Tomahawk cruise missiles armed with W80 nuclear warheads.

    Neil really got the short end of the stick.

      • When I was in Basic Training at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, home of the Artillery school, I visited the Artillery museum which actually has “Atomic Annie” – the first field artillery piece to fire an atomic shell. In the long, dark history of bad ideas, I’m glad that one didn’t go to far.

        • Another horrible idea was the AIR-2 Genie, an unguided Nuclear Air to Air missile.

          3000 of the insane devices were made

          My thought is that if the blast radius is larger or approaches the weapons maximum or relativistic maximum range (gunning it away from the dirrection of the target immediately after firing) you might as well save the weight from the propulsion system and use a self destruct based idea, and that nukes and other WMDs are only really useful for indiscriminate destruction on city sized targets, say a city, or a fleet of ships, and considering modern active defenses, you are better off, cost and effectiveness with going for smarter weapons, not more powerful. Nukes are expensive to make and maintain, as the fuel will decay no matter what you do, and radiation may damage various systems. Smart weapons generally need about the same maintenance as conventional, maybe a little more, and leave the environment habitable and enable your forces to potentially recover equipment and more importantly data from the wreckage.

      • If it could also be used as a microwave oven, could Neil summon an M-29 Davy Crockett gun, firing an M-388 atomic munition?

        It WOULD give a new meaning to “nuking” one’s food…

      • Ahh nuke shells, the epitomy of cold war stupidity weapons, well those and nuclear Anti air missiles, if a weapon is going to kill you just as certainly as it will your target, there is little point in firing it from a gun or on a rocket if the situation is bad enough to warrant its use, you are already overwhelmed and as good as dead so use it as a self destruct instead.

      • I guess they’re still sore that the actual “sanshiki-don” AA shells for the 18″ guns (essentially REALLY BIG shotgun shells) proved utterly useless in combat. So the Japanese at least made sure they worked in anime!

          • The female sailors called it when they said “load type 3”. In the Imperial Japanese Navy, Type 3 shells where the AA sanshiki-dan They were fused to detonate at a certain altitude, at which point they fired a 20 degree cone of some 2800 fragments forward. Unfortunately, firing the big guns disrupted the other AA guns, the accuracy was bad, and firing the Type 3s would damage the rifling of the barrel for AP/HE shells.

            Bless their hearts, it looks like the Japanese still think the concept is awesome–so the sailor girl Yamato use them. At least they work in anime! 🙂

    • Is that Mike Jittlov?

      Looks as if it’s from the Kelly Freas poster for the “Wizard of Speed and Time” movie.

      I used to have one of those, personally signed by Kelly.

          • I have a copy of the dvd that was made (complete with “Karma Calming Notice” in place of the usual FBI warning) for free redistribution. And I think the film has been uploaded a time or three to a certain ubiquitous video sharing website.

        • Did you know that he got an Oscar nomination for the film he made as a semester project in an animation class he only took because he needed an arts elective and it fit his schedule? {He was an accounting major, i think he said.}

    • I have a theory about that. I think she may be 900 years old. (Revered ancestor shrine priestess.)
      Alternate theory: There is more than one magical girl in there. Recall that MGs can fuse to become more powerful. (2-68)

  8. Shoot, that looks powerful. She looks pretty organized, like she’s barrely getting started, this is only the biggunning! Cannont wait to see what’s next!