1. She was in 3-3-6 panel 1, looking unimpressed. Also, VD seems to have shot his wad and is taking a nap. As men do.

    • I’m not sure if she’d be competition, I want to believe that Magical Girls have a special bond to work together, especially if this one is also descended from the same shrine maiden that Neil is descended from.

      • I think that the shrine maiden only transforms ONE descendant in every generation. Also, that she didn’t exactly had lot of options when she went with Neil.

        On the other hand, how many villages had similar shrine?

        • I expect that means per family, so as to not deplete the genetic stock should one perish in the line of duty. After all this time, the shrine priestess could have millions of descendants.

    • I would not say “definitely”, but there is a very high probability, from her bathing suit being similar “old style” as Neil, to her anchor tattoo that in those old times of the “modern” (but not contemporary) era, still could mean that you were a SAILOR……

      And no, I do not think she is competition. ^_^

  2. Funnily enough, with that hat, my first thought was “Stand user”.

    (Yes, this is a JoJo reference.)

  3. Funny enough that line used in the link is something said by Tuxedo Mask, the classic staple of a protector figure.
    (Also what if the guy Neil met was that new magical girl? Just a though)

  4. Okay – first time we saw her is after Neil transformed … so if, hypothetically, someone else we’ve met were a Magical Girl in their civilian identity, they probably would have transformed, too.

    Somebody with somewhat darker skintone than Neil’s.

    Whether genetic, or because they visit the beach a lot.

    • Ohh definitely, we have seen that Eye color and skintone before

      Neil keeps those when he transforms, I think this is Gabe, the guy Neil met earlier.

    • Looking at 3.2-13 panel 2, it can certainly be argued that Gabe is also reacting to the Oni’s aura. If he followed Neil’s halting progress, he could have seen the transformation flash and figured it out. The major issue then becomes what he has been doing, and helping people get clear is a legitimate activity. Especially if/since he knows some of the locals.
      Also, it is one of a few explanations for what appears to be her tender solicitude of BB!Neil’s welfare.

  5. People keep saying she was in previous strips, but I went back and couldn’t find her. That is the sort of detail I love, so could someone please tell me exactly where to look?

    • In the strip on 3-3-6 (put that in the URL), she’s standing in the crowd, on the left side of panel 1.

  6. i’m glag that it was someone besides VD that rescued the falling Neil . i get the feeling that she’s another Magical girl given how she looked at the Oni.