• I think I mentioned it being more Scylla than Hydra last page. Though with all the thrashing snake heads, I’d say it’s a mix of the two with a bit of Medusa.

  1. I mean, he’s trying? But he’s just unintentionally doing more harm than good. He did just hurt the Oni right there, but he kinda also knocked out Neil. Whoops.

    Oh what if he transforms back while passed out. VD would be SO CONFUSED.

  2. Wow!
    And as they returned to school the children were asked to write down what they did on their summer vacation. “It was pretty boring, until the last day, when we went to the beach!”
    Panel two is incredible!

    • I’m sure he did make it worse. From what little we know about Oni, normally only magical girls can destroy them. Other supers can harm them certainly, but not normally destroy them.

      Probably a really powerful one like Superman could destroy one (and I imagine someone like Batman could figure out a way to do it, but not a normal super like VD.

      • OTOH, Wonder Woman (The U.S. answer to magical girls since October 1941) likely wouldn’t work up a sweat. ^_^

  3. Wouldn’t most of the electrical charge run up the arm and then down the body into the water? Still, if it was great enough it could be pretty damaging to the rest of the body and Neil, too.

  4. Volt Dynamo: “All for One, Full Cowling!”
    Although Kaminari has a more similar quirk, it looks more like Deku

  5. Ah, so the oni wasn’t actually a hydra, but a scylla.
    Better keep our eyes out for a charybdis nearby, just in case.

  6. someone other than VD save Neil from that fall.

    VD is like upper class men Kuno from Ranma 1/2.

  7. dammit volt, i believed in you but your poor observation and forethought skills are making a muck of things. on the flip side he’s still really really impressive……and really REALLY oblivious.