3.4 #12

My apologies for the page being so late. It was an extremely busy week for me, and as you can see, this page happened to be particularly demanding. A couple of all-nighters managed to get it all sorted.

I’m gonna go sleep for a couple days.

Penelope’s Girlfriend

Previously, with magic swords

  1. I wonder how much of Aaron’s suicidal bravery is due to Carolyn’s fan-girling over VD. Seriously dude, don’t get yourself killed over it.

  2. Deaf character! I love it. Speaking from experience, even if I’m not going into the water, I tend to not bring my hearing aids to the beach in the first place because of sand. That being said, water will only affect the HAs for about a day as you’re given a way to dry them overnight.

      • So that depends. One, deaf covers a wide range of hearing loss. As such, the Deaf community prefers the overarching term to be d/Deaf/hoh, where deaf refers to all individuals who cannot hear, Deaf refers to individuals with any sort of hearing impairment who consider themselves a part of the Deaf community, and hoh refers to the hard of hearing, who have some but not a complete loss of hearing. As deaf is also applied to all of those by some organizations, a hearing aid can in fact help a deaf person. Two, hearing aids also can be a general term for a wide range of devices. Traditional hearing aids simply amplify sound for the ear they are on. My current hearing aids transmit sound from one ear to another, as only one of my ears has a complete loss. Bone anchored hearing aids bypass the ear canal to assist with hearing, and may amplify if needed. Cochlear implants actually connect to the cochlear nerve and can restore hearing to the completely deaf. Cochlear implants do also have a waterproof option, so those are probably not what is being used here.

        • Are we talking deaf as in technically or as in legally? It is my understanding that you be legally blind without being technically blind. I would not be surprised if the same is true for Deafness. I am kind of a stickler for the semantic on scientific terms, but I am aware I kind be alone on this.

          • I’m talking medically speaking. I am medically deaf as I have lost all hearing in one of my ears, but not legally deaf as that is both archaic, and relies on the better ear’s hearing measurement. Legally deaf also excludes those with auditory processing disorders as they can hear, but they cannot interpret what they hear and as such, rely on d/Deaf/hoh communication accommodations.

          • Huh? I would thick Medically deaf would be no hearing whatsoever. Live and learn.

            I guess that’s because I study animals. Snakes for example can’t hear vibrations through the air, but are incredibly sensitive through vibrations through the ground. I would not classify them as deaf, even though they cannot hear like humans can.

  3. Oh Trisha – always so adorable. It still makes me super happy to see her in the comic. I’m happy she ended up having some purpose instead of just being left to gather dust somewhere. >////u////<

  4. So. Many. Beautiful. Redheads. Also, a beautiful platinum blonde (if that’s how to describe her). Not gonna lie, this is part of what drew me to this comic in the early days. I also love that you aren’t afraid to give your characters distinctive noses. Both of my kids inherited Roman noses from my Welsh/Sicilian wife (who doesn’t have it, but her aunts/uncles do), and they both have come to terms with them, in part because of positive reinforcements like these. Thank you for your gorgeous art.

  5. …first, this is a secret from her girlfriend? Since everyone else he knows knows…

    …second, what the heck does Aaron think he’s doing?

    …third, I’m going to go back and see if that’s been drawn before… hmm, it’s in the rest of this scene, but not in the #lovewins picture… since that would be chronologically after this, maybe someone magicks her up a new cochlea?

  6. Nice job with the believable acting guys. And where’d he get the sword. What did. I miss? And why are they’re too many characters in this comic to remember they’re names. Meh whatever. I love all the characters in here because they are all awesome. Except uber douche.