3.4 #10

Hello everyone.

Sorry about the missed update last week.  I was at San Diego Comic Con, networking and schmoozing with big name artists.

Also, sorry that I wasn’t able to tell you all that I was going to miss an update. Unfortunately, I’m having a major issue with the MGN website that prevented me from even getting far enough to post an announcement about it. There are some big problems with memory and certain things being in places where other things should or shouldn’t be… I don’t really know much about internet stuff, but my brother has been helping me try and fix it!

it took me two hours to get to a point where I could post a comic page tonight.

A-N-Y-WAY, I hope you all will enjoy! See you next week.

  1. He’ll be fiiiiiiine. Afterall he put all his stats into Str, and Def, and only the minimum in Int and Wis. Though he did seem to put higher than average into Chr… hrm… Don’t know about Agi, Spd, Vit, and so on though…

    On the plus side, I’m sure he makes a mean pancake.

  2. huhuhuh…he just got nailed.

    Next panel we just see his head sticking out of the sand, with the sounds of appliance mayhem coming from BEHIND him. He won’t even be able to watch the show.

  3. It’s weird to think that even in his divine body, Neil is a human bean. Although I’d still be concerned about the wound on his legume.

  4. “Well, once you regain consciousness, if you would kindly give us the phone number to register a complaint and suggest the suspension of your license pending immediate re-training. You know, after they finish putting your bones back in.”

  5. Well, that worked out, cuz I think Neil wanted VD to ‘go pound sand’.
    Who knew the Oni would take care of it ‘hands down’. Now it’s time for Neil to grab those pots & pans and get cookin’.
    Panel’s 2 and 7 are priceless!

  6. Mwahahahahahahaha! Whew, there got that out of– MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that VD Guy! Okay, now I got that urge out of me. Heh.

  7. I know we’ve been over how terrible an abbreviation the name Volt Dynamo has, but it just hit me the other day: He’s the kind of guy who probably thought Super Tough Dude is a great superhero name and was very disappointed when everyone coughed and told him to pick another one. We all had stupid ideas as teenagers, right?

    • “We all had stupid ideas as teenagers, right?” Hey, speak for yourself, guy. My hero name, “The Electrical Kid”, was both accurate and inspired. My “stupid idea” was trying to be a superhero in he first place.

  8. do the situations volt dynamo was trained to handle include surprise attacks? class 101: what to do when you’re caught off guard…..which by definition means you didn’t see it coming. so not a whole lot.

  9. PLEASE tell me this is the END of that flippin’ VD GUY! Srsly… HE’S A DOUCHE!