1. Do I sense a bit a jealousy in Aaron’s words? He doesn’t the Volt, but still calling him “thing” isn’t very nice.

    • Except that Volt might be currently transformed — if curvy blur was him, for instance. We don’t know just what they are seeing.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me. The way he crashed in on Neil fighting this Oni, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a regular thing for him.

  3. Let’s lock Carolyn in the same room as Sydney Scoville and see how long they last….

  4. I’ve had these thoughts in my head ever since Volt crashed the party, and simply said.. 1; does Volt actually know *HOW* to fight Oni? And 2; is he really dumb enough to use electricity-based powers on a sea-monster? I mean, he should know by now when to use what power. Neil had to to told what weapon to use because he’s still a bit.. inexperienced. But a recent graduate?

    • Volt seems to rush into things with no idea what he’s doing or how it impacts others. I mean his impulsive unthinking nature is highlighted by his unfortunate choice in initials.

    • What? Electricity is superefective against water, every pokemon trainer knows it 🙂

  5. Another great page full of great expressions. Aaron can’t see ‘watt’ the fuss is all about. Carolyn on the other hand finds him ‘irresistorable’- a real electro-magnetic attraction! You know, one of those guys who just ‘lights up the room’ when he enters. I can’t wait to see what happens when he ‘flux’s’ his muscles. His description sounds so awesome, he’s DEFINITELY a ‘power’ pinch hitter in MLB, when he’s not fighting crime,(wink). (One more) And his parents are probably ‘ecstatic’ over his achievements.

  6. Jeez, Volt Dynamo is almost as shitty a name as “Taserface”

        • He could have been Static Shock or Electro or Volten or Lightning Max or Pikachu-Man or literally anything else and had a better name.

          Or Elektra, for that matter.

          • Did you ever wonder why so many superheroes (and villains) feel a need to give themselves a code name that lets other people know about their possible powers and more importantly vulnerabilities might be?

          • To be fair, most superheroes have powers that are pretty easy to pick up from watching them fight for a few seconds (or hearing second-hand accounts of their fights).

          • A trope both played straight and subverted in the Whateley Universe (if you’ve spent enough time on TV Tropes, you should have encountered references to it…). Some also get codenames thrust upon them, such as the school’s resident rules lawyer, who Administration dubbed Loophole.

            The same principles also apply to the universe’s MIDs – some explicitly listing their techniques and weaknesses, some choosing attributes which, while matching their powers, are so vague as to be useless to anyone who might be interested.

          • And then there’s Jade / Generator who’s only accurate point on her MID is regen. Everything else is a lie including her picture. Her codename does apply to her real power, but in a very roundabout way.

    • “The name of the man who sealed his fate was Volt Dynamo.”

      “Pfft. Hahaha!”

  7. This comic is so refreshing! You see so many magical girl-but-they’re-originally-a-boy, but this one handles it so well! I love the world building too, and the powers are really neat! Good luck on the next page, and thank you so much for drawing this!

  8. Poor Neil doesn’t his own fan club yet. Guessing his gifts are more than just born with

    • Eh. He probably has a bigger fan club than he knows about. It’s just comprised of a different kind of member.

  9. I’m getting a virus warning on this page. Is that happening to anyone else?

  10. And only now do I realize he has a giant VD on his chest. Considering what VD usually stands for, I would have gone for a different name if I was him.

  11. Who watched eurovision? My country won!! 😀 The song was very nice, and I liked moldavia song too.
    Now about the comic, I hava to agree with him, it is impossible that dude be eighteen.