3.3 #9

That didn’t seem to go as planned.

      • How about a new comic: Sandy Cheeks – Private Eye, and Her sidekick/pool hustler – Sharky.
        Sharky’s already appeared in a few cameos

      • As was said Way Back At The Chapter Title Page

        {Incidentally, the chapter title sounds a tad less innocent, looking back to Neil’s awkwardness with Gabe, than it did when we hit it cold – “Summer Lovin'”?}

  1. Hmm time for Neil to break out the deadliest weapon of all.. A Frying pan, useful for keeping people in line and fending off attacks as a shield.

    • `Depends on the pan.
      Big, cast-iron ones: excellent! ^_^
      Lightweight, high-tech ones: not so well. ╯﹏╰

      • Given his heritage, he should try a Wok (waits for someone to make the terrible pun).

        I’ve got a cast iron wok known as the destroyer of toes (due to a housemate disrespecting it’s weight during the washing up)

        On another point I just discovered this comic via Grrlpower (http://grrlpowercomic.com/), and the saddest part of discovering a new webcomic is the moment you realise you’ve caught up and have to wait for the next page like everyone else. 🙂

        • I dunno; 12″ sounds kinda small to be using as a shield. °﹏°

          On th other hand; the bottom of that pan (as you describe it) might have enough concentrated weight to allow the pan to function as something like a club.

  2. Only one more day in February…does that mean Satellite Nine might be orbiting back soon?


    Pretty please?

  3. They always say to face your problems head on, but what do you do when your problem has 9 heads?