1. While in her were-dog form,will Jo erase that image on that guy’s camera phone???

    • Why would she? I mean, it’s not even Neil’s face. It’s like if you take a photo of Batman, it’s not going to matter, it just means more publicity.

        • Nah, she understands about fighting Oni 🙂 She was upset last time because she was worried about him being a vigilante (still think she overreacted).

  2. ”OMG, a superheroine if fighting a giant dangerous hydra!!!…..Better to risk my life and take a picture up close and then tweet it!”

  3. Go go go Bigdog!Jo
    Only way to get his attention, a swift strike in the fundamentals.And yes, I’m inplying that’s where he keeps his brain. (Without the excuse of being a Unioc.)

  4. Nice! is right. This page turned out great! Bummer dude, phone’s probably trashed,
    I knew it, she’s a retriever. I can’t wait to see her shake off.

  5. This is a wonderful page full of wonderful expressions.
    Can I use Jo’s face in the last panel as an avatar?

  6. Yep, that phone’s a goner.
    Sand and salt water are not good…
    Of course, it’s possible the guy’s pics are gonna be auto-saved to the cloud.

    • Actually, it looked like it was falling ON the dog as well … maybe she saved the phone too? 🙂

    • Yes, because someone getting out what looks to be a gun and pointing it at his own head won’t be distracting at all.

  7. Ladies and Gentlemans, I present to you one of the first fans of Neil who isn’t is friend.