1. for a second i thought this was going in a simultaneously more and less furry direction.

  2. I thought she was turning turn into a werewolf, but I saw the last panel. What she’s going to do, beat the demon with cuteness?

  3. …I get why she wouldn’t want to take of the swimsuit, but surely she should have at least taken off the sunglasses…

    • She might forget or assume they will fall off in one piece. On the other hand, she might just undo the top piece of swimsuit without any risk.

  4. So she turned into like a huge dog, right? A small or a normal sized dog wouldn’t break most of that stuff.

  5. Unless she grows a lot more a big dog will not be that much help to Neil. But, I have to say this, she’s now a Big Red Dog.

    • Ecchi would be a more appropriate word. Hentai has a “twisted” meaning to it

  6. So much warping and woofing, with danger looming close by, it’s like this story is being made up of whole cloth…

  7. Cue up background music; the first track of Sir Elton John’s “Caribou” album seems appropriate. ^_^

  8. Well done on subverting the trope, I did not see that coming at all. Beyond that, “What?” really seems like the correct question to be asking here.

  9. What a great page! Great sound effects and hover texts. Of course it’s pawsible. It’s pawfect. She’s turned into a Retriever! And the “Watch my bag”, classic.

  10. I… was not expecting that to be the obvious best way to get people off the beach.

  11. I just got the joke, in the last page she called the “Ventura SR Unit”. As in ace ventura

  12. lol puppy… but why does the gun have two needles and only one concotion to inject?