1. Wait. Does she mean Neil or is there another sister we lost sigh of?

    Also, where’s Nanase and Ellen? 🙂

    • Pretty sure that one on-panel is Carolyn, The other sister (Penelope) was supposed to be elsewhere on the beach with her girlfriend last we heard. (and Neil is a cousin, not a sibling)

      With you on Nanase and Ellen though, they should totally be helping. 🙂

  2. Well, its certainly not a BFG, so hopefully whatever its loaded with is serious, powerful, nasty stuff.

    I do wonder, what kind of medical coverage comes with the magical girl position? Neil may need it someday. 😉

  3. thank ghod. somebody is getting all those redheads off the beach. 3 tubs of chilled aloe and Lidocaine stat!

    • Being a redhead myself, I can tell you that the sunburns those kids may be enduring are better salved with narcotics than any puny topical like lidocaine.

      Partly because redheads require twice the painkiller for half the result.

      • Good luck getting the painkillers. The only measurable effect of the war on drugs is how difficult it has become for those that legitimately need them to get them. 🙁

  4. I desperately need more of Jo and her sisters in my life. Jo is remarkably similar to my wife, except she wouldn’t be caught in the sun without SPF 10k or she’d burst into flame. Would love to see a group shot of the Seven Mikhailovich Sisters.