1. Considering Mac-Man is coming in a while, I think that Neil is in at least a little bit of trouble. Either Jo’s about to be contacted or she has been and is playing it cool.

    • Mr. Play&Watch isn’t coming after Neil to arrest, he’s looking for info with the possibility of recruitment from what’s been said.

      • Yes, the idea is to recruit people. Sure, even with threatening them with jail half choose jail, but hey, it’s not like then can make the hero job more attractive in other way, is it? 🙂

        (Hint: try paying like in Grrl Power.)

      • Wait are we just making up names for the moniter head guy now? Uh, let’s see if I can do one…monit-no…windows 95-that’s dumb….nope I got nothing

  2. Just wanted to say, I like the way you’re drawing Neil’s cousin. She looks like a normal girl in a bikini as opposed to the typical “ZOMG bikini hurr hurr hurr” type of thing you see. Cute, but realistic, and not overdone 🙂 Though, with those freckles I hope she packed some military-grade sunscreen to go along with her fantastic hat.

  3. Neil, I don’t think this is something you and Josephine should be discussing where it can be overheard by just anyone!

  4. DUDE, I had no idea Neil could hide ends of ice cream sticks in his mouth! WOAH.

    (Look at the ice cream in panels two and four)

    • Looks like the ice cream has slid down the stick, better hurry Neil or it will melt to the point it breaks off and falls to the sand.

  5. If Jo was indeed an agent for Archon and a certain gold plated galdiatrix shows up,would Arron and Neil drool at the sight of her???

    Then again Neil would have to be wary of Dabbler and ALL succubus!!!