1. OK, so “Gabe”. Doesn’t sound very feminine. Though I *suppose* it could be an abbreviation of Gabrielle.

    I’m still guessing “bishy” rather than “babe”, though.

  2. What is handshake?

    noun: handshake; plural noun: handshakes
    an act of shaking a person’s hand with one’s own as a greeting.
    an exchange of standardized signals between devices in a computer network regulating the transfer of data.

  3. So… I’ve noticed that in a lot of webcomics and cartoons, people shake their left hands instead of their right hands.

    Why is that?

    • Probably just happens in the staging of the page. Sometimes it works better to have people in positions that wouldn’t be what’s expected.

      • Also, you’d be surprised just how many people get confused by a 180 degree switch in scene but dont noticed a left handed handshake. I can see how Satellite 9 didn’t want to flip to a back view with the sea in the background and then have to endure people asking “but wasn’t Gabe sitting on the left?” Although IMO that would have been great staging and worth it.

  4. I went to summer camp and met this person who said their name was “George”. After thinking George was a guy for the better part of a week, I found out that George was actually Georgette. Talk about awkward.

  5. I’m really interested in learning more about who Gabe is as a person and what their personality is like. They seem like a cool person. >=3

    • just be careful neil for gabe could be a enemy spy………..or maybe your new love interest lol either which way the plot thickens and the mystery that is Gabe is still a mystery

  6. Don’t leave, Gabe. We need to bask in your beauty some more…..I mean, um, *coughs* is it warm in here, or is it just me? Gosh, that heating should not be up so high someone should fix it.

  7. Of course this person’s name is Gabe, nice and neutral…

    The mystery continues. we shall, in fact, never know. EVER

        • where i come from i always hear gabe for boys, and gabby for girls. i as of yet don’t know any women who go by gabe but i’, sure i’ll meet one at some point because why not?

  8. It’s quite impressive how this character has been around for a few weeks now and nobody can even begin to nail down their gender

  9. Opponent is raising hand –
    Does not compute –
    Only possible solution:

  10. *Starts the betting pool on which of his cousins are going to have one look at Gabe and go ‘Mine!’

  11. Personally I quite like the left handshake, because panel 3 says so much more than ‘nice to meet you’. It’s more welcoming than if the right arm were reaching across, closing off the body.

    It’s like in Disney’s Aladdin, when Aladdin is standing on the magic carpet and he says to Princess Jasmine, “Do you trust me?” And he holds out his hand in a similar fashion.

    Using the left is a very open body language, which is obviously even more frightening to Neil. And much more intriguing to the audience.

    • “Don’t look at me like that! You’ll make me pregnant.”
      A no-prize to the first to ID the quote.

  12. OMG Gabe is adorable. But I’m biased, he reminds me of a girl I totally had a crush on @.@

  13. This is still my guess:

    Gabe is short for the name of an angel. Angels are
    beautiful, crazy strong, don’t have a gender (and they are how the west
    fights demons, so it works well for the story.)

    Gabe is either literally an angel, or else a nephilim!

    The question now is if he’s here to offer a trial and judgement (to see if Neil uses his powers selfishly) or if the nosebleed was a genuine accident. :p