1. *snrk* I didn’t even recognize the first line until I read the alt-text. It’s such a natural thing for Neil to say anyway…

    (And of course it deflates the mood a bit, but here it seems meant to.)

    • I am… indifferent at best to yaoi. I blame being a gay girl. Also, there’s some indication Neil is nonbinary, and I got some odd hints on my Tumblr a while back, so… yeah.

    • I think Neil would find a great deal of… satisfaction in taking out his/her irritation at the sand by fighting that one (even more so after s/he succeeds in defeating it).

  2. Well considering that there are like 15 legends (pre-disney) continuities ALL of which were considered cannon, many of which were painfully convoluted and had linage points to the Skywalker/Solo family were it didn’t make sense just to have them, oh and lets not forget Luke’s brilliance in sending his niece and 2 nephews (2 in mid teens one in early- mid teens) to fight a WAR, against an adversary that are practically genetically Jedi killers GREAT THINKING, not Only was the youngest KILLED, the older nephew fell to the darkside (and killed Luke’s wife as well as the jedi academy) leaving his twin sister (Luke’s niece) to be the one to have to kill him. I’d rather just have Ben Solo, than Jason Solo and his siblings. WAY less contrived.

  3. I just binge read the whole comic, ITS HELLA GOOD!!! Please when there are enough pages, do a print! Keep up the great work!

  4. Oh! make their name Sandy, then the two could meet later at high school after a song and dance number in the lunchroom.