Neil Moynihan (16)

The “hero” of our story. Neil is your average grumpy teenager who just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately for him, he is also the latest in a long line of magical female warriors, ones who have been fighting the forces of evil for generations. Now, it’s his turn to become a Magical Girl, jump into a frilly dress, and fight for the sake of humanity! There’s only one problem: He doesn’t even LIKE people, why would he want to save them?

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Aaron Klein (16)

cast 2

Neil’s best (or at least, closest) friend. Aaron is a levelheaded youth who is very good at rolling with whatever life sends his way. Good thing too, because his life just took a turn for the unusual. He and Neil were drawn together by their mutual dislike of pretty much everything, and now, he does his best to provide “support” for his friend. Whatever THAT means.

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 Carolyn Mikhailovich (16)

cast 4

The second-youngest of seven children, Carolyn is Neil’s cousin on his father’s side.  She’s bright, cheerful, and talkative, basically everything that Neil is not. Despite how much they bicker, the two are actually quite fond of one another (though you’d never hear Neil admit it).

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 Prudence Mikhailovich (17)

Carolyn’s older sister, Prudence is the middle child in her family. She’s abrasive, plainspoken, and a bit of a troublemaker, but her natural charm lets her get away with more than she probably should. She has an old Minivan that she works on in her spare time, but it doesn’t… really run. Not yet, at least.

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Penelope Mikhailovich (17)

cast 7

Prudence’s twin sister, and the younger by twenty minutes. Penelope is basically everything that her sister is not. Shy and easily flustered, she is a quiet person who often acts as an external conscience for her more aggressive sibling. Neil shares an odd bond with her, and will go to her when he wants to talk about something “deep.” after all, the two of them are the only members of their family who can manage to go more than two minutes without talking.

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Noriko Moynihan (38)

Cast 5

Neil’s mother and mentor in the ways of combat. Born and raised in Japan, she and Neil’s father moved to the U.S. before Neil was born. Proud and determined, she’s the kind of person who demands respect when she knows she deserves it.  She’s also a bit of a perfectionist. After moving to the states, she worked diligently to master the English language and its enunciations. By this point, she probably speaks better English than most Americans.

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 Alan Moynihan (41)

Neil’s Father. Plays “good cop” to Noriko’s “bad cop”. He has an uncanny knowledge of the inner workings of the National Superhero Registry. This most likely comes from experience. After all, when he and Noriko began dating, she was in the middle of her monster fighting days…