Hello everyone! time for a quick status update.

as many of you may have noticed, things have been quite busy for me recently. I have begun taking more hours at the day job in order to combat the rising cost of living in my city. This coupled with the fact that my page buffer for the comic was used up ages ago has led to several update delays, and caused me a lot of frustration and stress. As such, I will be taking the month of February to attempt to rebuild my buffer. I will still be working on the comic pages, but they will not start being posted until the first Wednesday in March. From there we will continue with our weekly updates as per usual! As adverse as I am to taking any extended break from updates, having my buffer back will help immensely with my stress levels and time management.

If you are one of my patrons, don’t worry! The pages I make in February will all be uploaded in their completed form to my patreon feed. that means you’ll have the chance to see pages weeks before they are posted to the comic site! Magical Girl Neil is free to read, but there are several lovely people who give me money to help support the comic’s continuation. It only makes sense that they should be allowed a little early access as I work.