(Copied from deviantart because I’m still on my phone. )

Hello everyone. I am currently sitting in my new apartment, writing this off of my phone. I apologize for the lack of updates and activity as of late, but I do not have an Internet connection at the moment.

A couple things to talk about: The Magical Girl Neil Patreon has reached its first milestone.  This means that,pending payment at the beginning of next month, I will begin livestreaming via Picarto at least once a week, and hopefully more. I will be doing what I can during November to get myself set up for comfortable streaming, and am like, seriously looking forward to it. 

That brings me to my second topic: money.  I have really had to spend a lot of it over the course of this move, and while I have a source of income now, anything extra I can make is very important. Commissions are open, and shall remain open, for as long as I can manage, because unfortunately, spending a lot of money to move into an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you are finished. I have to buy some fairly necessary furniture as well… like a desk to put my computer on. Or a bed. A bed would be nice. 

Anyways, before this starts to sound too much like I’m feeling sorry for myself, I do have one more thing to mention. Magical Girl Neil will be returning on the 16th of this month. As soon as my computer is set up (hopefully today) I will be getting straight back to work on updates. Since I’m just getting back from a hiatus, I will not be taking my customary break from activity during the month of December, so I hope you’re all as excited to get this ball rolling as I am!

Okay, long post, sorry. I think that’s everything, so I’m gonna get going. My fingers are cramping…