Sorry guys, but I’m just gonna call it now. There will be no comic updates from me for the month of June… At all. Why? Well, frankly, my life outside of the interwebs has been pretty crazy sick nasty lately. I’ve been able to keep up with updates on Magical Girl Neil just fine, but my comic buffer has wittled away to nothingness as I spend more and more time at work. Now, I’m going back to California to visit my parents for the first half of June, and will be nowhere near my computer, which means, of course, I will not be able to work on Magical Girl Neil. I will have my tablet, and my netbook, but it simply doesn’t have the processing power required to work on the comic. When I come back, I’ll be throwing myself right back into a full time job AND getting the next page up for you guys as quickly as possible, but having a little bit of leeway would be great too. I feel really bad about taking another break so soon after the last one, but after this, I don’t see anything preventing me from continuing with regular updates for a very long time, unless my arm falls off or something. Let me make this perfectly clear: I HAVE NO INTENTION OF QUITTING ON MAGICAL GIRL NEIL, AND WILL CONTINUE WORK ON THE SERIES AS SOON AS I RETURN FROM CALIFORNIA. The comic shall resume on July 6th.

In the meantime I will be working on improving my style, and generally attempting to make my work better for you all to enjoy. You know, the usual.